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Business connection control room

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€35 per month
€79 per quarter
€ 259,- per year

24/7 services (Routit / KPN) is a certified Emergency Center. The Minister of Justice and Security has given SCN the certification that allows them to operate as a fully-fledged PAC. As a result of this certification, the control room is obliged to conform to the legislation and regulations regarding security, which means that a high level must be achieved. This means that the control room can also communicate directly with emergency services such as the police, fire brigade and ambulances to help and support our customers as best as possible in emergency situations.

24/7 services (Routit / KPN) guarantees professional, fast and personal alarm processing for private and business customers. We receive and process alarm, fire and robbery reports, but also reports of a technical nature; equipment failure, production process failures or other irregularities.
Depending on the type of report, the appropriate person - specified by you in advance -, security company or government agency will be contacted. Every report is taken seriously and processed adequately.

Our control room has the latest systems and high-tech equipment to provide you with an optimal service. Our employees watch over your safety 24 hours a day. 24/7 services (Routit / KPN) offers professional service and is customer-oriented.

In the event of an alarm, our employees will contact you and not the other way around. In addition, it is possible to use a personal code or password so that you do not have to search unnecessarily with a report.

In short, we think your safety is very important and we handle it with care. We offer you a professional, fast and personal service that is completely tailored to your wishes. Our goal is that you can leave your premises with peace of mind.

Some advantages of a Private Alarm Center:
• The quality requirements of the PAC are tested annually
• Professional operators who are trained and educated to follow up on your alarm quickly and effectively
• Having an alarm system and reporting to a control room has a preventive effect on burglaries
• Faster activation of the emergency services
• Personal contact in emergency situations
• 24 hours, 7 days a week, follow-up takes place, including checking for power failures and technical failures
• Everything is logged. A report of the log can always be requested
• A safe feeling!

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Edwin | 13 May 2021

Via RoutIT nu de 1ste meldkamer doormarling ingesteld met Ronalds van AlarmSysteemExpert. {Perfect gedaan en werkt op en top met de 24/7 app van RoutIT. Die heel gebruiksvriendelijk is!

Jos | 26 November 2019

Super service en top geregeld

Maarten | 02 October 2019

Binnen 1 minuut wordt er gebeld

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