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GSM Heat detector with siren and fire routing


GSM Heat detector with siren and fire routing

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Product description

Mobeye GSM Heat detector with siren and report

The Mobeye GSM Heat Detector CM2400H can detect heat at any place; without additional cables or telephone line. The heat detector combines a heat detector that has been tested according to the highest requirements, with the smart Mobeye low-power GSM technology. The GSM heat detector is fully self-sufficient with a built-in GSM module. Thanks to the energy-efficient design, the heat detector works on a set of batteries for more than a year.

A heat detector can be used as a replacement or supplement to a smoke detector in places where you cannot install a smoke detector because of too much dust, smoke or vapor (where a smoke detector could give a false alarm).

The heat sensor warns in the event of heat with a local siren and a GSM module to the desired telephone numbers.


- Heat notifications by SMS and / or call
- Repeat messages after a period of your choice
- Test reports with self-selected frequency
- Battery-low notifications

Suitable for mounting in;
- Kitchen
- Garage / workshop
- Places where a smoke detector is less suitable due to too much dust, smoke or vapor

The GSM notification is an SMS and / or call to a maximum of 5 telephone numbers. If the reporter is connected to the Mobeye Internet Portal, the report can be sent to more numbers and an e-mail is also possible. In addition, the detector can send test messages ("keep alive") and a message will follow as soon as the batteries need to be replaced.

- Programming via SMS or Mobeye Internet Portal
- Battery life:> 1 year (2x CR123) with daily (test) report
- Ambient temperature: 0 ̊C ... + 40 ̊C
- Quad band EGSM 900/1800 - 950/1900 MHz

Further examples of applications are buildings, sheds and storage locations, server rooms, holiday homes, boats, campers, etc.

Mobeye Internet Portal & SIM service
The Mobeye CM2400H can be used with a regular SIM card. Optional is the connection to the Mobeye Internet Portal with the Mobeye SIM card. This offers additional options, such as programming via the internet. The portal distinguishes between fire reports and technical reports, which can go to different contacts (such as calls, SMS and / or e-mail). The 'keep-alive' monitor offers extra security by monitoring test reports. If the test report is not sent in time, the (technical) contacts will receive a warning message from the portal.

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