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Thanks to the excellent 4K ultra HD resolution video quality, the new Dahua 4K Ultra-HD network camera series delivers reliable and very sharp images when used indoors and outdoors.

With the Dahua HFW81200E-Z as the HDBW81200E-Z, 4 x optical zoom is possible, with synchronized focus and fast zoom & focus within 5 seconds. The powerful lens offers a large field of view, 106 ° ~ 32 °. The 4K ultra-HD series also has the new E-PTZ function which automatically triggers objects that trigger an alarm. Both the hardware, firmware and software are of the highest quality and offer a number of intelligent functions including IVS, face detection, counting people and thermal imaging. The Dahua 4K Ultra-HD network camera series gives the user a completely new visual experience, as well as ease of use and efficiency and maximum security.