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An HD IP camera is a camera with HD quality images that uses a network. This can be WiFi or ethernet. The recorded images are sent via the network to a recorder or computer, which you can see back afterwards.

All our HD ip cameras from Hikvision work with PoE. You connect the camera to a PoE injector , PoE switch , or a PoE recorder . Of course you can also connect the camera with a 12v power supply.

Hikvision 2-Line Entry level IP Cameras are competitively priced and deliver unprecedented "value for money". They are equipped with a wide range of functionalities that ensure that they are suitable as an entry model for professional security solutions. The image quality of the cameras is unmatched, even in situations where little light is available. In addition, they are also easy to install plug & play and work with basic video analytics such as intrusion detection and line crossing.