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What is a Second Chance product?
A product becomes a Second Chance if we simply cannot sell it as new anymore.
For example, because the packaging is damaged or missing, or because the item has (slight) traces of use.
Our internal Technical Service checks all products and guarantees that they are 100% in order.

Second chance information is important!

On the page of a Second chance article you will find the Second chance information. This contains the characteristics of the article.

State of packaging:
Packaging in good condition: undamaged, with some adhesive tape remaining
Packaging damaged: box has dents, cracks and / or holes
Packaging is missing: has been replaced by an Alarmsystem Expert box.

Condition of product:
New: the product itself is like new, but the packaging may no longer look like new
Traces of use (no damage / scratches): smudges, fingerprints and / or dust
Scratches / damage: product has scratches and obvious damage

Can I also simply return a Second Chance?
Yes, also for a Second chance item the 14-day 'money back guarantee' applies.

Do I have a guarantee on Second-chance items?
Yes, for Second-chance items a 1-year warranty applies.