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Smart Homeplug

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Smart Homeplug

Product description

Wireless Heiman Smart Home Plug

With this Wireless Smart Homeplug you can use Smart Home APP to switch a connected device on and off remotely. Is equipped with overvoltage protection, adjustable timer, power consumption monitor and 2 way communication. Low battery voltage message. Can be combined with the Smart Home Control Unit.

For example, with the Smart Home plug you can automatically switch on or off devices such as lighting, coffee machine, boiler, cooling, and fan etca remotely via a time schedule. This can be set so that it can be repeated daily, weekly or monthly. The power consumption is easy to see in an overview.

Model NO

Smart Metering Plug ASE2SK-EU

Working Voltage AC220V (full voltage)
Average power consumption ≤0.5W
Power Range <3000W
Voltage Range 100 ~ 240VAC
Current Range <16A
Networking WIFI Ad-Hoc Network
Networking Distance ≤100m (in open area)
Working Environment -10 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃
Environment Humidity Maximum 95% RH
Dimension 79.6 * 67.9 * 72.5mm

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