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ZTC - Classic


ZTC - Classic

Brand: Zorg Totaal
Article number: ZTC - Classic
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Product description

ZTC - Classic

The basic station of the total care system offers unique care solutions. The three buttons are very simple to use: red when panic, green to cancel, yellow is adjustable. By linking the base station to dect modules, a pir, smoke detector and a magnetic contact can provide complete care.

If the resident does not feel comfortable, he can press the red button to make an emergency call. This can also be done on one of the dect modules if it is enrolled at the base station. In addition, a call can be activated via one of the neck transmitters. If there is no need, the call is canceled by the green button.

The mobile module is equipped with GSM and GPS. When you press the button outside the house, a speaking contact is made and at the same time an SMS is sent to the contact person with the GPS location via google maps.
This way you can immediately see where the report comes from.

The Mobile Module covers a GPS locator and reports your location to emergency response rooms, so the contact person can find you quickly.

The Mobile Module uses the built-in Contact ID protocol to communicate directly with control rooms. The base station reporting protocols include Contact ID, Tunstall TTNew and Climax CPC Dialect.

The base station can serve as a burglar alarm when the yellow button is programmed as a security button. It then acts as a medical alarm when you are at home and monitors your home when you are away.

The yellow button of the base station can be programmed as an inactivity, check in / out, road / house, non-emergency call or security button.

The installer can easily configure via USB PC, internet or SMS programming.


Base Station
• Reports of alarms via PSTN, GSM / 3G networks or Ethernet
• Communication protocols with the monitoring center: Contact ID, Tunstall TTNew and Climax CPC Dialect
• World-class wireless range, sensitivity and performance certified to EN - 300-220 (class 1)
• Excellent full duplex two - way communication range over 10m from the base station and half - duplex speech mode
• Compatible with DECT devices of total care
• Eight reporting numbers and a number for non-emergency calls
• Voice prompts as reminders to the installer and the user
• USB PC, Web and SMS programming • Can serve as a burglar alar • Programmable yellow button to function as inactivity, security, check-in / out, road / home or non-emergency call button
• Can be used as a hands-free telephone for non-emergency calls
• Up to 100 devices can be added to the system
• Automatic notification check-in
• Meets FCC, CE and ETL certification requirements

Mobile Module
• Reports alarms via GSM / 3G networks
• Communication protocols with the monitoring center: Contact ID, Tunstall TTnew and Climax CPC Dialect
• Eight reporting numbers
• Locations of the user and GPS coordinates visible
• Voice prompts as reminders to the user
• SMS programming via SMS or SMS iWizard
• A-GPS / Cellular Triangulation location reporting (models with only GPS)
• Automatic notification check-in
• Color LEDs as status indicators
• Meets FCC, CE and ETL certification requirements

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