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With the new, modular, IP intercom systems from Hikvision, an ideal configuration can be put together according to Alarmsystem expert. Only one cable with standard PoE is needed to feed the custom-configured external unit, including all selected components.

For one, seven, thirteen, seventeen house number (s) or for an entire apartment complex, with or without a card reader, you determine the composition of the intercom system.

For each house number you use one or more interior screens, which can be powered via PoE. On the touchscreen you can receive the call, take snapshots, and view IP cameras in the network (2 adjustable).

The external unit can for instance be provided with a camera module. The Hikvision Modular intercom ensures that everything is perfectly in view. The 2MP camera has WDR so that people can still be recognized with the backlight. Moreover, they offer an opening angle of 180 °, so that the surroundings can also be viewed when someone is at the door. Only one network connection is needed, which can be powered via PoE. All added modules (up to eight) are powered via the camera module. There are frames for the external units for one, two or three modules. If more modules are needed, frames can be linked.

Inner post
The indoor unit from Hikvision, which has won a Reddot for the design, is the showpiece of the modular intercom series according to Alarmsystem expert. The beautifully designed indoor unit contains a 7-inch colorful IPS LCD touch screen with a resolution of 1024 x 600. The camera image of the outdoor unit can be viewed through the indoor unit, but two IP outdoor cameras can also be connected to it, covering the entire environment. bring an image. In addition, snapshots can be made. Thanks to the PoE power supply, the indoor unit can easily be integrated into the network. A maximum of five internal units can be added per address.