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Product description

Jablotron SmartHub

The Jablotron SmartHub makes it possible to connect all leading Home Automation such as Philips Hue, Sonos, Google Nest, Google Home, Honeywel, Samsung, Siemens and many others to your Jablotron alarm system. More than 650 brands can be linked to the SmartHub.

Thanks to the Jablotron Smarthub you can switch off your lighting when you switch on your alarm, your thermostat to the correct value, and your dryer will be switched off.
The possibilities are endless!

The Smarthub forms a bridge between the alarm system and the Home Automation couplings. Thanks to the integral structure and construction of this solution, it is impossible to manipulate the alarm system via one of the Home Automations. No Home Automation can affect the integrity of the alarm system. The alarm system can therefore be delivered in the desired risk class.

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