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JA-107KR central | Wireless | LAN

Product description

SIM card:
It is of course important that your Central is always connected to the internet.
This way you will not be faced with unwanted situations if your provider has problems or carries out maintenance.
To solve this, you can purchase a SIM card, which will serve as a backup for your Central!

Order SIM card

It also provides flexible security solutions for residential complexes, administrative buildings and businesses that require a multi-section system. The adjustments and dimensions of the system are programmed via the F-Link software (from version 2.0.0).

The JA-107K control panel offers:
120 wireless and up to 230 bus devices
600 users
15 sections
128 programmable PG outputs
64 mutually independent calendar events
50 User SMS Reports
15 User Voice Reports
5 ARCs can be set
5 selectable protocols for an ARC
The control panel has:

2 mutually independent terminal boards for bus connection
1 connector for a built-in radio module (JA-111R)/third terminal board - extended with a JA-110Z-D
1 connector for a GSM/GPRS communicator (JA-192Y)
The control panel also offers functions such as:

Day/Night Mode
Short departure response
Automatic setting
Advanced Calendar Features

The following products with the control panel ARE NOT COMPATIBLE:
JA-180A (wireless outdoor siren)
JA-154J (bidirectional remote control)
JA-190X (PSTN Dialer Module)
The following products with the control panel ARE COMPATIBLE under certain conditions:

The JA-112E (keyboard) is compatible with FW LU61501 and above
The JA-113E (keyboard) is compatible with FW LU61601 and above
The JA-118N (PG Bus Output Module) is compatible with LY68003 and above
FW version LY68002 and below only works when the PG range is set in the F-Link to a maximum value of 32
The JA-110I (section or PG bus indicator) is only compatible if the PG range is set in the F-Link to a maximum value of 32

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