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JA-111SH Bus shock and tilt detector

JA-111SH Bus shock and tilt detector

Product description

Jablotron JA-111SH Bus shock and tilt detector

The Jablotron JA-111SH Bus shake and tilt detector detects shocks from, for example, the off-the-rebate lifts of doors, windows, etc. caused by intruders who try to force, throw in, drill, or cut through to gain access. get to your house (property). The wireless tilt and shock detector has a simple installation procedure and uses digital signal processing. It has a memory of previous shocks.

The detector is part of the Jablotron 100 security system and has two adjustable modes. The shake / vibration detection mode of doors, windows, etc. can be used to indicate attempts of this type of violence by passing a detection to your alarm system.

The tilt detection mode can be used to indicate unwanted 'tampering' with the object on which the detector is firmly attached. Think of the fact that the intruder thinks he is smart and dismantles the detector. This can be used for safes, artwork, etc.

The detector uses a semiconductor tri-axial accelerometer with digital output. The signal processing guarantees a high immunity against false alarms. The detector communicates via the BUS.

• Power supply via bus 12 V (9 ... 15 V)
• Power consumption in stand-by 5 mA
• Power consumption for cable selection 5 mA
• Dimensions 55 x 27 x 16 mm
• Class 2 according to EN 50131-1, CLC / TS 50131-2-8
• Operational environment EN 50131-1 II. indoor general
• Operating temperature -10 to +40 ° C
• Complies with EN 50130-4, EN 55022

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