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JA-110TP, BUS wired thermostat

Product description

Jablotron JA-110TP, BUS wired thermostat


If you are unsure whether this thermostat fits your central heating system, please contact us.

Control the temperature in your house with the wireless thermostat from Jablotron! All you need is a room thermostat and an installed programmable output module, which we offer in a bus-mounted and wireless version. In addition, you can monitor and control the temperature remotely via the MyJablotron application.

MyJablotron is the most complete, versatile and fastest App for security systems.
The free app makes it possible for any end user to view and operate the system from anywhere.
The thermostat can also be viewed and controlled from the beautifully designed app.

The thermostat can be connected to the Jablotron 100 system and is the ideal addition to automation. Standard programmable outputs from the control panel are used to switch the heating.

It is possible to set a weekly program in the thermostat.

Up to 4 thermostats can be installed within a building, which can control 4 independent circuits. The product is a component of the JABLOTRON 100 system, is addressable and occupies one position in the system.

- Full integration in MyJABLOTRON, = information about the current status and the remote control of the thermostat
- Automatic switchover to the economy temperature when leaving the building
- Weekly schedule mode
- Ability to enter the manual temperature setting
- Possibility to switch it off if only a minimum temperature needs to be maintained in the building
- Heating suppression when a window is open
- Report in case of overheating or freezing
- Simple operation via telephone
- Graph of temperature history
- Tamper sensor

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