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JA-190X PSTN communication module

Product description

Jablotron JA-190X PSTN communication module

The JA-190X is a PSTN communication module for the JA-106KR. The module offers the possibility of Contact ID DTMF, SIA DC-05 or SIA FSK with standard DC-03 protocol for central station communication and/or voice messages.

Remote access to the system through the PSTN telephone line

According to the settings of the central unit by F-Link software, i.e. the Communication / Voice menu and the control SMS tabs, when you call the system from any / authorized phone, the system will answer your call and ask you for your valid enter code. The communicator offers possibilities with your voice. The structure of the voice menu changes with the restriction level of the input

If a new event occurs in the system, the call will be terminated.

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