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JA-83K alarm center

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Product description

Jablotron JA-83K alarm center

The Jablotron JA-83K alarm system is an advanced hybrid system of the Oasis system. It is a flexible system that makes it possible to secure small buildings such as: family homes, offices and companies, but the system also offers solutions for securing apartment complexes, office buildings or companies that want to use many sections.

The JA-83K control panel is a modular unit with 50 zones   (marked 01 to 50). The heart of the unit is the JA-83K motherboard with 10 wired inputs (up to 30 using additional JA-82C module (s).

Wireless peripherals can be used when the control panel is equipped with a JA-82R module.

The control panel is suitable for one   backup battery up to 18 Ah (not included). Three sections are available when using partial arming or a split system. The control panel provides signals for sirens   (internally and externally)   and 2 programmable outputs. Up to 50 user codes and / or proximity cards can be set up. The following additional modules can be connected to this exchange:

JA-82R - a radio module that makes it possible to register up to 50 wireless devices from the JA-8x and RC-8x range of components in the control panel.
JA-82C - an extension module that has 10 extra wired inputs, so that the total capacity of 20 or 30 (if desired) wired inputs can be registered. One or two additional modules can be added.

A communication module can also be used with the control panel:
JA-8xY - a GSM communicator that uses the control panel to transmit alarm messages to the user and that communicates with an alarm center via the GSM band. That also makes it possible to access remotely via a keyboard or system administration via the GSMLink website.
JA-80V - a LAN (Ethernet) computer network communicator, combined with a telephone line communicator. It enables communication with the ARC via LAN and transmission of reports via a telephone line. This also makes system management possible through the GSMLink application.
JA-80X - a telephone line communicator capable of communicating with an arc and providing voice reporting to the user based on the nature of the alarm. This module can be used in combination with a JA-80Y - a GSM-line backup.
JA-80Q - in the case of using a PIR detector with a camera.

A JA-68 output module can also be used with the control panel - for example, a link to the transmitter for communication with the monitoring center.

The desired settings and the size of the system can be programmed using the O-link Software.

• 230 V / 50 Hz power supply, max. 0.1 A, class II PROTECTION
• Power supply type A (EN 50131-6)
• 12 V, 7 to 18 Ah backup battery
• Maximum charging time 72 hours
• maximum continuous load 1.1 A (when using an 18 Ah backup battery)
• Back-up power (+ L terminal) maximum continuous load 0.2 A
• power output + U + L have electronic fuse
• Communication frequency (JA-82R) 868 MHz ISM band
• External warning output EW * Switch to GND, Max. 0.5A
• Internal warning output IW * Switch to GND, Max. 0.5A
• Programmable outputs * PGX, PGY Max. Switch 0.1 A to GND
• Intruder alarm signal or message after 1 or 2 events (adjustable)
• Tamper signal or message after 1 event
• Wrong permit code for alarm signal or message after 10 events
• Error signal or message after 1 event
• Security grade 2 according to EN 50131-1, EN 50131-6 and EN 50131-5-3
• Environment class II. indoor general (-10 to +40 ° C) in accordance with EN 50131-1
• Radio emissions ETSI EN 300220
• EMC EN 50130-4, EN 55022
• Safety EN 60950-1

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