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SD-283-ST wired smoke / heat detector


Product description

Jablotron SD-283-ST wired smoke / heat detector

Jablotron wired optical smoke detector SD-283-ST with heat sensor. Suitable for the Oasis and Profi systems. This device detects fire in homes or commercial buildings. The detector has a built-in local siren in combination with a red LED indicator. It has an adjustable alarm memory function where the LED is still on after the alarm is over. The SD-283-ST detector combines an optical smoke detector with a heat sensor. Both sensors have their outgoing signals digitally processed, resulting in higher false alarm immunity. The optical sensor works with the help of a light diffusion principle and is very sensitive to the presence of large and medium sized particles that are characteristic of dense smoke. In particular, the smoke sensor is unable to detect the by-products of clean burning fluids, such as alcohol. This shortage is compensated by the built-in heat sensor. This sensor provides a slower reaction time compared to the smoke sensor, but reacts much better in case of fire with fast rising heat with only a little smoke.

• Power supply: 9 - 15V DC / 2.5 mA (100mA during alarm)
• Output alarm: 60V / 100 mA max
• Smoke detection: optical light diffusion
• Smoke sensor sensitivity: m = 0.11 - 0.13 dB / m
• Heat detection: A2 Class
• Fire alarm temperature: +60 ° C to + 70 ° C
• Acoustic power of the built-in siren: min. 85dB / 3 m
• Ambient temperature: -10 to +70 ° C
• Dimensions: 126 x 65 mm


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Geert | 24 February 2019

Ok, spijtig dat de verpakking niet zo goed was waardoor er 2 van de 3 batterijen verloren gingen

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