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JA-151ST-A Wireless smoke and heat detector with dual siren function (burglary and fire alarm)

Product description

Jablotron JA-151ST-A Wireless smoke and heat detector with double siren function (burglary and fire alarm)

The fully wireless smoke and heat detector from Jablotron protects home and fireplace. The detector is used to detect fire hazards in the interior of residential or commercial buildings. It consists of a siren, which signals a fire alarm both from the entire detector and from any other fire detector in the system.

Unique Features
The smoke detector has a built-in siren that signals fire and burglar alarms. This message is adopted by all detectors in the system!

The detector communicates wirelessly and is powered by batteries (3x 1.5 V AA).
If the detector is operated without being assigned to a control panel or if communication with the control panel is lost, it operates in an autonomous mode (EN 14604).

The detector optically indicates a dangerous situation with an integrated light and a siren. It is able to report acoustically:
– A fire alarm detected by the detector itself
– A fire alarm from the system (alarm triggered by another fire detector)
– Other type of alarm (e.g. burglar alarm)
– For alarms reported by the system, sections can be set, for which the alarm is indicated

The product contains two separate detectors – an optical smoke detector and a temperature detector. The optical smoke detector uses the principle of diffused light. It is very sensitive to particles, which are present in thick smoke. It is less sensitive to small particles produced by burning liquids such as eg alcohol. That is why a heat detector has been integrated, which responds better to a fire, developing heat quickly with a small amount of smoke.

The fire detectors must be installed by an experienced installer with a valid certificate issued by Jablotron. The detector is not designed for installation in industrial environments.

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Erik | 28 January 2020

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