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M2M Sim card for Jablotron alarm system per year

Product description

Subscription for a secure connection of the Jablotron exchange. The M2M SIM card does not support SMS or calling. The sim has unlimited data usage for the Jablotron exchange, which comes down to a Fair Use Policy of 50 MB per month. The subscription is billed in advance and can be canceled after the subscription period

The SIM card for the Jablotron Alarm System automatically selects a provider with the best signal within Europe. If a provider has a malfunction, the Jablotron switchboard switches to another provider within a few minutes. This way you are always assured of the best security!

Setup costs and shipping are free.

M2M SIM Card Subscription
By issuing an authorization for direct debit, we can offer the M2M SIM card at a competitive price.


Cost overview:

€9.99 per month
€ 27.99 per quarter
€ 84.99 per year



Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does the HUB also work without a SIM card?
Answer: Yes, as long as the Jablotron control panel is connected to a fixed internet connection, you can operate the system with the App and receive notifications.

Question: If the internet goes down will my alarm system still work?
Answer: Yes, the system will simply detect an intrusion and the siren will activate. You and/or the control room will not receive notifications of the burglary. You also cannot operate the system via the app, a code control panel or remote control is then essential to operate the system.

Question: Can I use a Pre PAID SIM card?
Answer: In principle this could work, the PIN code protection of the SIM must be deactivated and there must be an active data bundle. Check the conditions of the provider whether the SIM card can also be used in a way other than for telephone traffic and whether it continues to support the 2G network.

Question: Isn't it cheaper to use a Pre PAID SIM card because the HUB only uses the SIM as a backup?
Answer: The Jablotron central checks several times a day whether data can be sent via the sim, the provider sees this as network traffic and will use your Pre PAID credit daily.

Question: Can the M2M SIM card also call me in the event of an alarm?
Answer: No, that is not possible with this M2M SIM card.

Question: Can the M2M SIM card also send me an SMS?
Answer: No, the SMS option is not possible with our SIM, push messages are of course.

Product reviews Write a review

Jan | 26 January 2020

Sim werkt direkt na plaatsen volgens verwachting, dus OK. Wat volgens mij niet helemaal klopt is, dat ik bij de bestelling een machtiging voor jaarlijkse abonnementkosten moest geven van sim + verzendkosten. Dat lijkt me niet de bedoeling, want verzendkosten zijn toch eenmalig.

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