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JK-100KR-KIT, IP dialer, Radio module + Video verification camera

Product description

JK-100KR-KIT, IP dialer, Radio module + Video verification camera

The complete enterprise kit with camera is the ideal start for your installation. The complete kit contains the start parts with which you can get started. This system is ready to be placed in the Cloud, after which you can manage the system and always be aware of the status via the MyCompany APP. Alarms, faults and error messages are thus immediately passed on to you.
The end user can operate his system via the MyJablotron APP, receive notifications and view camera images.

The camera can make a clip in case of an alarm or on-off. Live view and 10 recorded clips are available as standard (with options to purchase storage).
Each event is automatically recorded so that the user is informed when something happens.

The JI-111C camera is easy to install, without specific IT related knowledge. Thanks to the advanced technology, the camera can be integrated in the MyJablotron app, allowing users to make the most of their alarm system. All images are in HD or Full-HD, with automatic switching to bright night images with IR up to approx. 30 m when there is too little lighting.

In the starter kit you will find all the components that serve as the basis for an installation. All Jablotron 100 series detectors can be connected, with the exception of the code operator panels. The only working code control panels are the JA-110E and the JA-150E.

The starter kit contains:
1x JA-100KR, central with ao Radio module, LAN communicator, 32 zones, 4 sections
1x JA-150E fully wireless 2-way code control panel with 4 built-in segment buttons
1x JA-151M wireless magnetic contact
1x JA-150P wireless motion detector
1x JA-162A indoor siren for the socket
2x Jablotron Tag (black)
1x power cord
1x JI-111C


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