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JS-20LARGO PIR motion detector


JS-20LARGO PIR motion detector

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Product description

Jablotron JS-20LARGO PIR motion detector

This Jablotron JS-20LARGO PIR motion detector is used to protect the interior. It detects every movement of objects with a temperature close to that of the human body.
The JS-20 distinguishes itself with an excellent Radio frequency immunity. The signal from the sensor is electronically analyzed. This ensures that the detector offers excellent sensitivity and at the same time excludes the false alarms. The detection analysis rate can be adjusted to increase its immunity if the JS-20 is installed in at a problematic location. The detector can be mounted on a flat wall or in a corner.

• Voltage: 12 V DC 25%
• Power consumption (off LED): Max: 10 mA
• Maximum consumption (LED on): Max: 35 mA
• Terminals size: Max. 1 mm2
• Mounting height: 2.5m above the floor
• Detection range: 120 ° / 12 m (standard lens)
• Alarm output: normally closed, Max. 60 V / 50 mA internal resistance max.30 Ohm tamper output: normally closed, Max. 60 V / 50 mA internal resistance max. 16 Ohm
• Operational temperature range: -10 Up to 55 ° C
• Security level: grade 2, EN 50131-1

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Joop | 15 February 2021

Goed product wat eenvoudig en snel gemonteerd kan worden.

Dirk | 11 January 2021

Prima product

RENE | 08 November 2020

Koper heeft geen omschrijving achtergelaten.

MWP Claassen | 07 January 2018

Mooie eenvoudige functionele pir voor een erg aantrekkelijke prijs

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