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MCT-560 wireless temperature sensor

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MCT-560 wireless temperature sensor

The Visonic MCT-560 is a wireless temperature detector used with PowerMax Pro (Ver.5), and PowerMax Express alarm systems. Lithium battery included.
Brand: Visonic
Article number: MCT-560
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€ 125,00 102,00
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Product description

Visonic MCT-560 wireless temperature sensor

The Visonic MCT-560 is a wireless temperature detector used with PowerMax Pro (Ver.5), and PowerMaxComplete alarm systems.
The detector alerts the alarm system control panel when it senses critical temperatures inside or outside. The detector generates an alarm message when the sensor detects that a certain temperature has been reached. A recovery message is generated when the threshold temperature is reached again.
A total of four temperature points have been set, the user can activate one or more temperature points. The MCT-560 can be used in cases where temperature detection is critical. Other examples of detector use are:
  • Activate and deactivate tube heating in locations where low temperatures can freeze the water in pipes.
  • Warning of the possible malfunction of electrical equipment where, due to high or low temperature, fluctuation is caused.
  • Tell old people if there is a significant increase or decrease in room temperature
The MCT-560 detects indoor and outdoor temperatures. The detector monitors room temperature with an internal sensor. A waterproof temperature probe (optional) is used for outdoor or cooling installations.
Applications include signaling frosts at homes / businesses, signaling a temperature rise in a cold room / freezer or a too high ambient temperature in, for example, a technical room.
The MCT-560 has a built-in temperature sensor but can be extended with an external sensor (wired), the correct application (temperature) can be determined with a dip switch setting.
  • Power supply: 3VDC (CR2) lithium battery (Item No. 003911)
  • Frequency: 868.95MHz
  • Coding: fixed factory code 24 bits
  • Temperature alarm: selectable via dipswitch:
    • Temperature above -10 ° C, recovery below -11 ° C
    • Temperature below 7 ° C, recovery above 8 ° C
    • Temperature below 19 ° C, recovery above 20 ° C
    • Temperature above 35 ° C, recovery below 34 ° C
  • Input: input for external temperature sensor
  • Alarm notification: immediately upon activation
  • Tampermelding: immediately at the opening of the housing
  • Supervision notice: every 15 minutes
  • Activation indicator: LED
  • Working temperature: -20 ° C to 50 ° C
  • Dimensions: 92 x 36.5 x 31mm



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