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MS200 GSM temperature detector + thermostat


MS200 GSM temperature detector + thermostat

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Product description

Mobeye MS200 GSM temperature detector + thermostat

The Mobeye GSM Temperature detector enables the user to receive temperature deviations and immediate actions anywhere, anytime. This makes the unit usable as a temperature detector and as a thermostat.

The Mobeye GSM temperature detector measures the temperature and compares it with the set limits. The user can set temperature limits and the response to under or overrun.

The MS200 has an external temperature sensor, external power supply and backup batteries

Possible actions:
- temperature alarms by SMS and / or call
- repeat notifications after a period of your choice
- recovery reports by SMS and / or call
- switching the output relay in case of alarm (on / off or time period)
- switching the output relays on recovery message (on / off or time period)
- controlling the outputs remotely via call or SMS
- power failure report
- test reports with self-selected frequency
- battery-low notifications

The notifications can go directly to self-selected telephone numbers.

- dimensions: 90 x 145 x 45 mm
- battery life:> 2 years (4x CR123)
- ambient temperature: -10 ̊C ... + 55 ̊C
- 2 output relays
- Quad band EGSM 900/1800 - 950/1900 MHz

Programming via SMS or keypad.
Operation via keypad.

Examples of applications:
- cold stores / freezers
- horticulture
- server rooms
- holiday homes, campers and caravans
- Boats
- etc.

With the Mobeye ThermoGuard, no cooling will go unnoticed and overheating no longer has to lead to damage!

You must insert a SIM card from any provider in the module yourself; Mobeye recommends using a 'subscription card' for this. A pre-paid card also works, but then the user needs to keep an eye on the credit.

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