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MS300 GSM water detector with relay outputs


MS300 GSM water detector with relay outputs

Product description

Mobeye MS300 GSM water detector with relay outputs

The Mobeye GSM Water Detector alerts via SMS and / or telephone calls in the presence or absence of water-based liquids. In addition, devices can be controlled via the outputs. Due to the autonomous operation, the MS300 can be used at any desired location, as long as a GSM network is present.

The mobile water detector is completely self-sufficient with a built-in GSM module. Because of the low-power design, the temperature detector works for more than a year on a set of batteries. If an external power source is connected, the batteries will be backed up and the detector will also report a power outage.

The Mobeye GSM Water Detector has a water float sensor. A sensor can be connected to the second input. This allows two water levels to be monitored, or another potential-free contact. Via the two outputs, external devices can be controlled after an alarm, or remotely, such as a water pump.

The Mobeye MS300 can be used:
- in buildings, storage locations and cellars
- on construction sites
- in pump houses
- in boats and boathouses
- etc.

The Mobeye WaterGuard prevents annoying and costly water damage!

You must insert a SIM card from any provider into the module yourself; Mobeye recommends using a 'subscription card' for this. A pre-paid card also works, but then the user has to keep an eye on the credit.


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