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PowerMaster 30 PG2 111 kit


Product description


Visonic PowerMaster 30 PG2 111 kit



Operation with a proximity card is optionally possible, when the control panel is equipped with a KP-160 PG2 external LCD keypad which is equipped with a proximity reader.
The PowerMaster-30 has up to 8 user codes and can operate up to 32 tags for wireless proximity control.
The Powermaster series has a: low energy consumption, very long wireless range, optimal protection against interference and misuse and is very easy to install and configure.
The control panel has a built-in internal siren.

This Powermaster 111 kit consists of the following

All in One central equipped with voice guidance suitable for partial switching or 3 + 1 partition

Max. 64 zones, 2 of which are wired

48 users and suitable for a wide range of PG2 detection and control equipment

- PM 30 incl. Nutrition

- 1x KF-235 PG2 KeyFob

- 1x MC-302 E PG2 door contact

- 1x Wireless Passive infrared detector MP-802 PG2 (pet)

- Battery pack

Built-in PSTN dialer and possibility to install GSM module GSM 350 PG2

Two-way comms for optimal reliability and max bat. lifetime of the peripherals

All channels are set from the control panel, so that they do not have to be opened or reopened

Transmitter locally indicates the received signal strength of the control panel, for easy determination of the optimal location

FHSS, for reliable wireless communication

AES-128 encryption

SirenNet function: Each smoke detector can function as an indoor siren for burglary, fire, panic

Click here for the Brochure (pdf)

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