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Professional flash, low model. Orange flash light - Copy


Professional flash, low model. Orange flash light - Copy

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Product description

Professional flash, low model, orange flash light

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, robust flash, power supply 9-60Vdc.
75 flashes per minute.


CPD / Certificate / Incert number Pending
Norm -
Wired, Wireless or Hybrid wired
Pet tolerant na
Detection range na
Detection principle na
Security Grade na
Switch distance na
Surface mounted or recessed Structure
Clamps or molded cable (mtr) to clamp
Polarized magnet contact na
Way of operating na
Housing material ABS, PC lens
colour Orange
Weight (kg) 0.15
Product size (mm) 93 x 65
IP value IP54
Temperature range -25 ° C - + 70 ° C
Supply voltage 9-60 Vdc
Power consumption (W) 2.7
Switching power (W) -
Transmitting power (mW) -
Transmission range (m) -
Switch voltage and current -
Applied batteries -
Number of Batteries na / na
Battery included? na
Autonomy na

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