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Remote control MCT-237

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Wireless remote control. Visonic MCT-237 with system status display. Works on all Powermax variants.

Remote control MCT-237

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99,00 69,00
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Product description

Visonic remote control MCT-237

The Visonic MCT-237 is a miniature CodeSecure ™ 6-key keyfob transmitter, which is designed to work with the PowerMax control panel.
The device allows the user to switch the alarm system on / off and to view the system status. Up to eight MCT-237 keyfob devices can be connected to each PowerMax control panel.
Power supply is obtained from an enclosed 1.5 V alkaline battery. Each transmitter has a small key ring.
Transmission is obtained by pressing one of the six pushbuttons. When a certain key is pressed, the keyfob transmits a digital CodeSecure ™ code picked up by the PowerMax unit and a 4-bit function code corresponding to the key that was pressed. The next time a key is pressed, the keyfob transmits a digital series of three transmissions that differs from the one used in the previous transmission and the respective function code. This makes a random "code choice" almost impossible.
The main functions of the MCT-237 are:
  • Retrieve status, alarm memory, and alarm data from the PowerMax control panel.
  • Visual indications by means of an LCD display.
  • LCD background activation.
  • Various audible signals that are heard through the speaker according to certain actions.
  • 1.5 volt alkaline battery.


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