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Buy alarm system?

Secure your property with an alarm system

With an alarm system and IP camera system, you do not have to worry about burglaries.
Alarm system Expert has the best alarm systems for every situation, whether it's about
your home or a large company. We are happy to give you professional advice without obligation
the area of ​​securing. The choice is yours.

Why Alarm System Expert?

  • Free professional advice
  • Assured of the best price
  • High-quality alarm systems
  • Professional installation at home
  • Carefully composed packages
  • Direct order

An alarm system ensures that nothing can happen to you. An ip camera system gives you control over what might happen. Which alarm system or camera system
for you the best choice is, that depends on what you want to have exactly secured. A
wireless alarm? That is also part of the options.


A different alarm for every situation

We are experts when it comes to securing all objects that you can think of.
Caravans, homes, gazebos, houses, shops or offices. We have for each
object another (wireless) alarm. You are at the right place with Alarm System Expert
address! You can order your (wireless) alarm directly from us.

Alarm system Expert offers you a selection of high-quality alarm systems. For both
individuals as companies we have a number of interesting all-in packages. This one
packages have put together our experts for you with care. There is one for all situations
find appropriate alarm.

Do you still have a specific wish? We do not think that is a problem. Our experts can
create a tailor-made special package for you with attention to your needs.

Installation at home

Our alarm systems and camera systems are easy to assemble and install yourself.
Do you prefer to do this by someone who understands things? The specialized
technicians that we have at Alarm System Expert can also alarm you for you
to install. The choice is yours. For more information about the installation at home, please
contact us without obligation.

Expert in securing

Not only do we deliver high-quality products and a professional
installation. You are also assured of the best price with us. How? We
approach the market in a new way, and make security through one
alarm and / or camarasystem for everyone as possible.

We strive to provide you with the best possible service. Service and quality are two
values ​​that are very important to Alarm System Expert. With more than fifteen years
experience, you are for the security of your home or business using an alarm or
camera with us at the right address.

Free contact

You still do not know for sure whether you want to have an alarm system or are considering it
other options? No problem. You can now contact us directly without obligation
Alarm system Expert for advice. Our experts are happy to help you with more information.
See what we have to offer with our own eyes? Then come along in our showroom
Gorinchem and view our collection of alarm systems and camera systems in the wild.

A selection of our products



Jablotron is a renowned manufacturer of alarm systems for both the private
as the business market. A must for both your home and your company. The manufacturer is
ISO 9001 certified and has received numerous awards for her
innovative products and methods.

We have the following products from Jablotron:

  • Jablotron 100

A revolutionary wireless alarm system for the security of objects. The alarm is
suitable for homes, shops, offices, warehouses, workshops and similar
objects. The system also offers automation in the home!

  • Jablotron Oasis 80

A refined wireless alarm system that is suitable for the protection of smaller ones
and medium-sized objects such as houses, houses, garden sheds, caravans, shops and
Jablotron OASIS JK-84 - without communication selector

  • Jablotron Profi 60

A proven wireless alarm system, which is also very affordable for
private individuals. More than tens of thousands of users are already secured with the Profi 60
security system.
Jablotron JK-16 Profi kit


With a simple Visonic alarm system you can prevent a lot of dangerous situations.
The alarm goes off in the event of a fire or at the moment that there is an intruder in your home or business
is detected. This gives you time to act and make dangerous situations better
appearance. You can also access other security products or systems on this alarm

We have two series of Visonic for you:

  • Visonic Powermax

The PowerMax series is a wireless alarm system that offers protection against burglary,
fire and sabotage. It can also be used to make lamps and other electric
to control devices in your home and as supervisors for the elderly and the disabled.
Visonic Powermax alarm system kit

  • Visonic PowerMaster

The extensive combination of optimal reliability, performance and possibilities
make the Visonic PowerMaster the leading alarm system in the market. Right away
superior wireless range, long battery life and unrivaled
ease of installation, the PowerMaster alarm system meets all possible requirements.
Visonic PowerMaster alarm system kits


The Eminent Alarm system operates completely wirelessly. That makes it easy
to place the alarm anywhere. Both the door contacts and the motion detector
work on batteries. The only point that requires power is the control panel,
but even if the power goes out, it works on back-up batteries. That's how you feel
do not worry about anything.



An HD IP camera is a camera with HD quality images that uses one
network. This can be WiFi or ethernet. The recorded images are transmitted via the network
sent to a recorder or computer so that you can see them again afterwards.

We have different types of IP cameras:

  • Dome cameras

A small, unobtrusive camera. Thanks to the robust round design it is virtually
impossible to vandalize the camera and is therefore perfectly suitable for both inside
as outside.

  • Bullet cameras

This is slightly more striking than the dome camera, this will cause any intruders
deter faster. Thanks to the solid design, the camera is suitable for use
inside and outside the house.

  • PTZ cameras

This camera is ideal for outdoor use thanks to the zoom function. This function makes
it is possible to observe over large distances. In addition, this camera has the
ability to automatically move and follow.


Do you have an existing analog camera system on coax or utp and you are not satisfied
about the quality? Then the Turbo HD line from Hikvision is for you. With this new one
cameras and recorders allow you to upgrade your existing system to a 2Mp
full HD image quality without installing new cables. The only necessities
are a Turbo HD recorder and a Turbo HD camera.