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UR-01 Multifunction Relay

Product description

Jablotron UR-01 Multifunction Relay

You can store the Jablotron UR-01 Multifunction Relay in your tool bag to help solve many tasks.

It features switch contacts with galvanic and safety isolation for switching a 230VAC/16A load, which can be used in one of eight selectable options. The relay is designed for DIN rail mounting and its characteristics are set using switches under a cover.

It offers 8 functions:
* Switch Relay – Standard NO/NC Relay
* Bistable relay – e.g. for lighting control from multiple locations using buttons
* Bistable relay with time limitation – e.g. for controlling lights from multiple locations (however, the light will not stay on for longer than the set time)
* Delayed switch-off - e.g. for the exit of a fan
* Delayed start - starting an electric motor in star - delta mode.
* Impulse by means of leading edge – activation of a device for a certain time
* Impulse by means of rear flank – for example to switch on a fan after switching off the lights
* Regular pulses – at a fixed interval this will activate a device for a period of 10 min - for example for regular heating of a heating element in the bathroom

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