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Wireless outdoor siren and flash MCS-740

€ 259,00 238,00

Wireless outdoor siren and flash MCS-740

The Visonic MCS-740 is a completely wireless outdoor siren with built-in flash that is used with PowerMax Express and Complete control panel. Lithium battery included.
Brand: Visonic
Article number: MCS-740
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€ 259,00 238,00
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Product description

Visonic Wireless outdoor siren and flash MCS-740

The Visonic MCS-740 is a fully wireless by built-in battery. This siren is powered from a built-in battery and therefore does not even need a power supply.
Many homeowners want to use outdoor signaling to warn surrounding neighbors in the event of an alarm. Unfortunately cabling is difficult to apply in many situations or not an option and then not to mention the costs of installing an outdoor siren / former.
The MCS-740 is a completely two-way wireless siren / fitser that can directly fulfill the wishes of these homeowners. The MCS-740 can be mounted against the outer wall without cables and complicated installation. The MCS-740 is equipped with a battery with a lifespan of at least 2 years.
The MCS-740 has two-way wireless communication with the alarm system including supervision monitoring. This makes outdoor signaling reliable and affordable. The MCS-740 is supplied in a modern plastic housing including colored lens for the fitser to finish burglars
scare. As soon as an alarm occurs, the siren will ring and the fit will start to warn local residents.
    • MCS-740 Fully wireless siren / flash
    • Suitable for PM +, PM Pro (from V5.0.13), PM Complete and PM Express
    • Power supply via supplied battery Art. No .: K-305177
    • Bi- directional with supervision
    • 110 dB Piezo siren
    • Various sound signals for burglary, fire or on / off
    • Suitable for outdoor use (IP55)
    • Comes incl. Red and amber window
    • Size: 295 x 186 x 63 mm (HxWxD)
The MCS-740 can be applied to the PowerMax express security centers PowerMax Plus, PowerMax Pro & PowerMax Complete. (do not apply to the first generation PowerMax).

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Rene | 03 October 2013

Wat een herrie maakt ie! Doet goed zijn werk!

Wireless outdoor siren and flash MCS-740 is toegevoegd aan uw winkelwagen!

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