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Ajax alarm system

You optimally protect your home or business against burglary, flooding and fire with a high-quality Ajax alarm system. The system has many advantages; it's wireless, connects to your smartphone and it looks good. There are various sensors for motion detection, but also smoke detectors and sirens. The Ajax alarm system is very advanced and can, for example, make the difference between people and pets.

An alarm system from the Ajax brand can be connected to the control room, but can also report directly to a mobile without a subscription. The backup battery life is up to 10 hours. The Ajax brand uses only the best available components encased in a finely designed housing. Combined with their proprietary technologies, this enables Ajax to provide unparalleled quality of performance and security.

Ajax alarm system kit

At Alarmsysteemexpert you can choose from an Ajax alarm system kit in black or white. The system is easy to install and operate. The various components of the alarm system run on batteries, which last no less than seven years. All sensors, smoke detectors and sirens are connected to an Ajax hub central . It works with up to 100 devices. Do you have questions about the Ajax alarm system kit ? Please feel free to contact our employees. They are at your service with expert advice.

Buy Ajax alarm system

At Alarm System Expert you can easily buy your Ajax alarm system online. You will find handy kits with us, but you can also purchase separate sensors, smoke detectors and sirens. Would you like to view the alarm system before purchasing? Then visit our showroom in Gorinchem. The operation of the system is also demonstrated here. With the advice of our professionals you can be sure that you will buy the right Ajax alarm system!

Ajax alarm system from Alarm System Expert

As mentioned earlier, the Ajax alarm system from AlarmsysteemExpert is easy to install. Would you like to leave the installation to our skilled technicians? Which can! With more than 20 years of experience you have come to the right place. That is why you buy an Ajax alarm system from Alarm System Expert!

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