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To connect

Connect your Nedis® SmartLife products directly to your Wi-Fi without using a separate hub.

After you have unpacked your brand new smart article, you can wirelessly connect the product to your existing Wi-Fi network and then use it immediately. The only thing you really need is your Wi-Fi password!

Every product is smart enough to communicate with your router directly and without a hub, gateway or bridge. You do not need a start-up set. You can get started with just one product and the free app, and with that you can start exploring your smart life.

To operate

Control all your products with the Nedis® SmartLife app or use voice control after you have connected them to Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

The Nedis® SmartLife app gives you complete control over your smart products. Create scenes for automatic functions or check and control each smart product separately. It doesn't matter where you are. If you have an internet connection, you can control all installed products from your phone. Forgot to turn off the iron ?! No problem! Turn it off wherever you are so that you no longer have to worry.
This also applies to the voice control option. You can easily use a smart speaker at home, but Google Assistant on your smartphone can be just as useful at home as at any other location.

To combine

Combine different SmartLife products in scenarios and set schedules for advanced smart behavior.

Have you started with a single smart product - and now want to make your entire house smart? With Nedis® SmartLife you can make your home smart with just one powerful app. Feel free to combine different solutions: keep in touch with your loved ones, open and close the shutters automatically to regulate the temperature in your room, automatically dim your lights when you switch on your TV via a smart socket or make sure that the lights go on with a sensor when you enter the room.

It is all possible with the Nedis® SmartLife series that is constantly being expanded and offers even more options in the long term.

Download the SmartLife app

Manage and monitor all your devices and enjoy the comfort of smart living with our mobile app.

No expensive gateways or complicated hubs are needed. With SmartLife you only need your Wi-Fi connection.

Create schedules and scenes for your devices or control your home from anywhere with the SmartLife app. You can make things happen automatically, depending on the time, available light, weather or sunlight. Or the status of another product.

Amazon Alexa and Google Home can literally be used to tell your devices what to do for you.