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Jablotron alarm systems: safe worldwide

Jablotron is one of the best suppliers in the field of alarm systems in the world. Since the establishment of Jablotron, the company has come up with innovative solutions in the field of security several times. The alarm systems are of high quality, user-friendly and have numerous options. That is why Jablotron should not be missing in the Alarm SystemExpert range.


Benefits of a Jablotron alarm system

The Jablotron is a good running security system with enormous ease of use. Do you choose this system? Then you benefit from all kinds of advantages, such as:

  • easy operation
  • multifunctional use
  • accessible from both PC and smartphone
  • freedom of choice in security needs
  • timeless design
  • combination of wireless and cabling results in savings

Whatever property you want to secure, with a professional alarm system from Jablotron all your belongings are safe. That gives you peace of mind.


Our assortment

With a Jablotron wireless alarm system you can be sure that you are well protected against burglary. We offer you two types of security systems of this brand, namely the Jablotron 100 and the Jablotron Oasis 80. For both security systems we also have a very wide range of accessories. Are you looking for a good, easy to use and wireless alarm system for a good price? Then choose Jablotron. With us you are at the right place. Through years of experience in the field of this system, we can provide you with expert advice. Take a look around our webshop. Do you have questions? Our team of experts is ready for you.


Jablotron 100

Are you looking for a professional alarm system with a lot of ease of use? Jablotron 100 is known for its revolutionary ministry. A big plus of this alarm system is that a home or business premises can be divided into different zones. Think of the ground floor, the first floor, second floor, garage and shed. Each separate room can be secured. This alarm system works very simply in terms of operation. This can be done via the code control panel, but also remotely via the MyJablotron App!

Professional security has never been easier! This implementation also reports fire, robbing other possible risks. This is really a security system that you can rely on.

The Jablotron 100 is expandable with remote control and is easy to set up. This system is still under development, which means that you will be provided with a new update every so often. This way you always remain well protected. We offer different choices in sets. Which set do you want? You can easily request a quote per set.


Jablotron Oasis 80

The Jablotron Oasis 80 alarm system is a stable security system and perfect for securing your home or business premises. With a bit of technical knowledge, this alarm system is easy to assemble yourself. When something happens in your absence, such as a fire or burglary, the camera of the Jablotron Oasis sends a photo to your mobile phone so you can immediately see what is going on.


The Oasis 80 is now very cheaply priced. Which set is it? A set without communication dialer, a set with voice control or one with telephone operation?


MyJablotron App

With this app on your smartphone you will experience a lot of convenience. You control the alarm system, the heating, the garage door and many other remote devices. It is also possible to read the logbook. This way you can see what time the system is on and off and how late specific notifications have been made.


Extensive security system

A Jablotron alarm system is multifunctional. In addition to securing the home or a business premises, the system is also suitable for the following actions or situations:

  • operation of remote devices
  • heating management
  • activation of devices by detection of movement
  • detection of opening or via a remote control

Both alarm systems are wireless. Make your set complete according to your needs with products such as code control panels. separate alarm centers, wireless detection and magnetic contacts, wired detection, fog generators or smoke and gas detection. Everything is possible with Jablotron security. Do you need service or advice? Consult our support page or contact us by telephone at 085-01600316. If you wish, our technicians will install the alarm system for you. You can indicate this when ordering.