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dome camera

Are you looking for a camera that can detect unwanted guests well? Then a dome camera is ideal. The round design makes it difficult to see which way the camera is pointing. This also makes it difficult for unwanted visitors to stay out of sight. A dome camera is also very robust and is more resistant to vandalism. In addition, it can be used both indoors and outdoors. You can also use an alarm system for extra security.

Dome IP camera

In addition to the normal dome cameras, you can also find the dome IP camera at Alarmsysteemexpert. IP stands for Internet Protocol, which means that the camera uses the internet. This way you can view the images from your camera live on your monitors or from your mobile. You just need to connect the camera to an internet connection using a cable and PoE switches . By using a dome IP camera you can immediately see if something is not right and take action. There are also other variants of HD IP cameras to complement your dome.

Dome or Eyeball camera?

The difference between a Dome camera and Eyeball camera is the round dome that gives a Dome camera a more discreet look.
You can't really see which side the camera is pointing to. This makes the dome camera a bit more preventive than an Eyeball camera.
The Dome camera needs a little more attention than an Eyeball camera. the dome needs to be cleaned more often with a soft cloth.
This is to prevent spots in the image due to reflection of IR light on dirt (rain/sand) on the dome.
That is also the advantage of the Eyeball camera, which always provides a clear image, even after a long time.
Both cameras are fixed cameras and cannot be controlled remotely. Of course, they can be set manually in the correct viewing direction.

PTZ dome camera

Many standard dome cameras have a fixed angle and range. With the standard dome cameras it is more difficult to get into a blind spot, but it is not impossible. Do you want as few blind spots as possible? Then you can opt for a PTZ dome camera. PTZ camera stands for Pan Tilt Zoom camera. This means that the camera can also rotate and therefore has a better view of the situation. Depending on your situation, it may be better to choose a PTZ dome camera instead of a standard camera.

Dome camera outside

Do you want to protect not only inside, but also outside? Fortunately, you can also use a dome camera outside. The robust metal housing makes them more resistant to weather conditions and vandalism. Just be sure to choose the right camera mounts for your cameras. There are special wall brackets for dome cameras or you can opt for mounting on the ceiling. Are you concerned about the quality of the images in the evening? No problem! Several dome IP cameras are equipped with an IR (infrared) filter, allowing you to effortlessly record images in the dark. So it is ideal to use a dome camera outside!

Dome camera Hikvision

There are different types of Hikvision IP security cameras such as dome cameras, bullet cameras or eyeball cameras. A dome camera from Hikvision is of high quality and is available in different types. For example, there are special versions that have a variable motor zoom lens. Allows you to zoom in and out. Hikvision's dome cameras work with PoE (Power or Ethernet) adapters or switches as standard. This allows them to easily connect to the internet and they do not need a separate power supply. There are also WiFi cameras available at Alarm SystemExpert from Hikvision in a dome version.