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Hikvision recently launched the AX PRO wireless security system, experience the integration between alarm and video like never before.

Hikvision's AX PRO is a premium wireless intrusion and video system for both residential and commercial applications. The AX PRO consists of a panel hub and a wide range of detectors and peripherals and is revolutionary in both technology and design. The AX PRO includes a multitude of impressive features, including Tri-X wireless technology, IVaaS (Intruder Verification as a Service), app compatibility and a sleek design.

Built for both residential and commercial applications, the AX PRO features 96 wireless connectable components and has a wireless range of up to 2 km, making the system fully customizable and configurable for any installation challenge.

Multiple wireless detection options
The range includes a variety of detectors and sensors for every setting, such as a combination of different technologies such as PIR, glass break and DUAL, as well as smoke detectors and detectors for personal protection. Whatever the need, there is a wireless detection option. This also includes the wireless PIR-Camera detector. This provides reliable detection with a range of 12 meters. The built-in camera features infrared LED lighting for night vision, an internal memory buffer for snapshots and a wireless protocol range of 800 meters.

Integration for full automation functions
With the AX PRO, Hikvision also introduces the relay module and the wall switch, so that any desired automation option can be added to the system. By expanding capabilities beyond security, installations now have more flexibility to deliver the system that meets customer needs. With direct control via the Keyfob, Wireless LED Keypad and Hik-Connect controls, and the ability to configure automation schedules, the possibilities are endless.

Compatibility with app
The AX PRO is fully compatible with Hik-Connect. This allows the system to deliver full plant configuration, voice and video clip notifications, and full sensor and system health monitoring at any time.