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black camera

There are several types of cameras, including the black camera. A surveillance camera not only captures images, it also acts as a deterrent if people already see the camera. You can get black cameras in different models. You can choose from dome cameras, bullet cameras and eyeball cameras in black. Every black camera from Hikvision is an HD IP camera . This means that you benefit from high quality and can watch live. An ideal addition to your HD camera surveillance !

black dome camera

A black dome camera is ideal against vandalism. Because of their color and shape they are less noticeable. Dome cameras are also robust due to the impact-resistant aluminum housing. Some models are also equipped with the DarkFighter technology. This allows you to benefit from razor-sharp images even in the dark. Do you also want images from afar? Then you can also opt for a black bullet camera with a motor zoom lens. It allows you to easily zoom in and out. Not sure whether a black dome camera or a black bullet camera is right for your situation? Feel free to contact our experts!

Buy black camera

If you want to buy a black camera, you have come to the right place at Alarmsysteemexpert! We have more than 20 years of experience with alarm systems and security cameras. Do you have insufficient time or knowledge of surveillance cameras? Then you can call in our skilled technicians. They will be happy to install and maintain your cameras! Do you want to buy a high quality black camera? Then you are in the right place with a black camera from Hikvision!