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180/360 degree camera

If you want to monitor as large a part of a room as possible with few cameras, a 360 degree camera is an excellent option. The ability to monitor all directions simultaneously makes this type of camera ideal for practical applications in retail and banking, or in commercial and industrial settings. At Alarmsysteemexpert you will find various high-quality models 360 degree cameras for an excellent price. In addition, we also have several 180 degree cameras available.

360 or 180 degree camera

You can choose from a 360 or 180 degree camera, but which variant is most suitable for your situation? A 360 degree camera can of course record a larger part of the environment compared to a 180 degree camera. A 180-degree camera, on the other hand, is ideal for smaller spaces. By strategically using a 360 or 180 degree camera from Hikvision , you can reduce the number of surveillance cameras. However, do get good advice about this! Although 360 degree cameras today produce excellent quality, there is less detail on the images than with a more traditional HD IP camera , such as a PTZ camera , bullet camera or dome camera .

How does a 180/360 degree camera work?

A 180 or 360 degree camera generally works with one or more fisheye lenses, the curved image of which is immediately 'straightened' again with software. This image can also be split, so that you have the same result with a single 360 degree camera as with two or more traditional cameras. The advantage of so-called 'single lens/single sensor' systems is that they do not have a blind spot below the mounting point. This is the case with systems in which multiple cameras are used to create a 360-degree image.

180/ 360 camera outside

A 360 degree outdoor camera is an excellent choice, especially if you want to monitor a wide environment. Thanks to infrared lamps and a day/night filter, a detailed image can also be displayed at night. For a 360 degree camera that you want to use outside, it is important that it has at least an IP66 rating. This rating indicates that a camera can withstand severe weather conditions, such as torrential rain.

Buy 360 degree camera

Would you like to receive a quote first or would you like more information before buying a 360 degree camera? Then visit our showroom in Gorinchem or contact our customer service . Our employees are happy to help you with tailor-made advice! We can also help with the installation and maintenance of one or more cameras. To buy an excellent 360 degree camera, AlarmsysteemExpert is the right place for you!