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Dahua IP camera

Would you like to get a razor-sharp picture of what happens in and around your home or office when you are absent? Then you are always in the right place with a high-tech Dahua IP camera! The Dahua brand offers high-quality network monitoring via WiFi or other stable connection. This way you can easily make real-time contact with your Dahua IP camera via an app during your absence. At Alarmsysteemexpert you have a wide choice of various Dome and Bullet cameras. Unwanted visitors and intruders do not need to know that they are being recorded. That is why we also have secret Dahua IP cameras that are functionally incorporated into a smoke detector, motion detector or clock. Explore the various options and easily request your quote online.

Dahua IP camera setup

You can always count on the help of the Alarm SystemExpert when you are going to set up your Dahua IP camera. The different versions are designed in such a way that you can easily install them yourself. On the other hand, there is a lot to consider when determining the right settings. If desired, one of our security experts will provide you with active support via Teamviewer. He or she can temporarily log into your alarm system and set and configure your Dahua IP camera to your preferences. As an alternative, it is also possible to order an HD IP camera surveillance kit . This consists of a complete security system including one or more cameras. It is literally no more than connecting a plug, after which everything works immediately.

Dahua IP Dome camera

Due to the inverted dome shape, you have an unprecedentedly large field of view with a Dahua IP Dome camera. The lens can rotate 360 degrees horizontally and also has a good vertical range. You have a wide choice of cameras with different resolutions. In all cases, you have an HD image display that can easily be connected to a network video recorder that stores recordings for you for a longer period of time. You can easily find this in our wide range of Dahua IP camera surveillance .

Dahua IP Bullet camera

The name of the Dahua IP Bullet camera actually says it all. This allows you to closely monitor a specific place in and around your home or office. In our webshop you will find copies with a zoomable lens and special lighting technology. You also have a wide choice of various resolutions such as:

On our site you will find extensive information about the Dahua IP Bullet camera and other models that you can order from us. Our customer service representatives are happy to assist you with online or telephone advice!