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IP camera

When working with computers, you have undoubtedly heard of an IP address. An IP camera works just like with a computer over a network. This can be both the ethernet and a wireless network. All images that your IP camera records are sent to a recorder or computer. You can view these images both live and later. At Alarm System Expert we can advise you on which cameras are best suited for your situation. Don't hesitate to contact us!

IP camera HD

For razor-sharp quality, choose an IP camera with HD quality. Thanks to the high definition, you don't have to miss a detail anymore. For example, if you want to track down a pickpocket, this is definitely recommended. The AcuSense Series even has a unique technology that allows very accurate detection. And with Hikvision's ColorVu Series, you can even get full color images 24 hours a day. All Hikvision IP cameras with HD quality work with PoE. So you only need an Ethernet cable, no extra power supply.

IP dome camera

The advantage of an IP dome camera is that it is small and unobtrusive. And thanks to the robust metal design, the camera is virtually impervious to vandalism. The dome camera is therefore ideal for both indoors and outdoors! There are many different types of cameras. In addition to the IP dome camera , we have:

IP Camera wifi

Would you rather not have a cluttered Ethernet cable? Then an IP Camera with WiFi connection is the solution. Our Wifi cameras are available in various versions. If an IP Camera with WiFi is not a necessity, but optimal security for critical infrastructures is? Then our thermal cameras are a smart choice. The professionals of Alarm SystemExpert are happy to tell you more about it.

IP Camera outside

If you want to install an IP Camera outside, a 360 camera is very handy. This offers a panoramic image. For example, do you have a gas station or other company where many unknown cars come? Then use our license plate recognition cameras . These devices are also useful to allow well-known cars to enter your site, for example. Of course an IP Camera will not be able to do this on its own. For this you also need an entrance gate.