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Hikvision WiFi camera

Whether you are looking for a security camera for work or at home, a Hikvision WiFi camera easily provides you with excellent quality. Like other IP cameras (with cable), you can view or save the images directly. An important advantage of a WiFi camera is that you can place it much easier. In addition to a connection to the WiFi network, you only need a power supply to make the camera work. This also makes it much easier to move the Hikvision WiFi camera.

Hikvision WiFi PTZ camera

For extra flexibility in monitoring your home or business premises, a Hikvision WiFi PTZ camera is an excellent choice. The abbreviation PTZ stands for 'pan tilt zoom'. This means that the image can move in all directions and can also be zoomed in. This makes it very easy to observe over great distances. If you also want usable images at night, it is best to choose a Hikvision WiFi PTZ camera with IR filter. This allows you to record in the dark effortlessly.

Hikvision WiFi bullet camera

If you want to show the surveillance a little more clearly, a Hikvision WiFi bullet camera is the most useful. These usually stand out clearly and therefore often have a deterrent effect. Due to the sturdy housing, bullet cameras can generally also be used outdoors. In addition to a Hikvision WiFi bullet camera, you will also find dome cameras and cube cameras with WiFi from this brand. Not sure which HD IP camera suits your situation best? For expert advice you can always contact our customer service .

Hikvision WiFi camera setup

The big advantage of a Hikvision WiFi camera setup is of course that you do not have to pull a network cable. That will of course save you a lot of effort. However, at Alarm System Expert we are happy to help you even further. The alarm system expert technicians are happy to help you with the installation of your Hikvision WiFi camera setup. Request a quote without obligation and we will contact you as soon as possible.