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PTZ camera

A Pan Tilt Zoom camera, also called a PTZ camera, is a camera that is ideal for outdoor use. Thanks to the zoom function, these cameras can observe over great distances. In addition, these cameras can also rotate and so they do not only observe one point. You can choose a PTZ camera with or without an IR filter (infrared). A PTZ camera with IR filter can effortlessly record images in the dark. With a PTZ camera without an IR filter, these images may be less visible.

PTZ IP camera

Would you like to view live images captured by your camera? Then choose a PTZ IP camera from Hikvision at Alarmsysteemexpert. IP stands for Internet Protocol and this means that the camera can connect to the internet. You can control these cameras via the computer, tablet or smartphone. This way you can easily check the situation, wherever you are. You can connect these cameras to the internet by using PoE switches . This way you don't have to use a separate power supply for your Hikvision PTZ IP camera.

PTZ security camera

Do you want to properly secure the environment around your building or house? Then you can use a PTZ security camera. For example, at Alarm SystemExpert you will find models that have the option of automatic movement and tracking. This way you always have and keep unwanted visitors in sight! Do you really want to secure? Then you can also use an alarm system in addition to your PTZ security camera. This way you ensure that intruders have no chance!