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Dahua HD IP camera surveillance set

At Alarm System Expert you will find a wide range of security cameras and accessories from the top brand Dahua. This makes it possible to tailor-make the monitoring of any home or office building, as extensive as you want. A complete camera set of this brand contains an HD recorder, one or more cameras, the accompanying cables, a USB mouse, software (smartphone, PC and macOS) and full support. For the best online support for your Dahua camera set, Alarm System Expert is the right place!

Dahua IP camera set with recorder

You cannot do without a Dahua IP camera set with recorder for modern surveillance. Thanks to the IP technology you can stream the images via the internet. That way you can view the images from your Dahua IP camera surveillance everywhere. This way you can view the images directly from anywhere. To save the footage, use the supplied HD recorder . The installation of this is very simple, and works according to Plug and Play. You only need a UTP cable to make the connection between the Dahua HD IP camera from your set and the recorder.

Install Dahua HD IP camera surveillance set

At Alarm System Expert, you can choose three different types of mounting. Our technicians can fully install your Dahua camera set. Once everything is connected you will receive a full explanation of the system. When you arrange the cabling yourself, the technician takes care of the placement of the cameras and the usage information. It is also possible to install the Dahua camera set yourself, possibly with the support of one of our experts. By doing all or part of the installation yourself, you save on your installation costs.

Alarm system Expert is a VEB Recognized Security Company. This means, among other things, that the installation and maintenance meet the requirements of insurance companies.

Buy Dahua HD IP camera surveillance set

Would you like to buy a Dahua camera set, but want to know more about it first? You can always visit our office in Gorinchem. Here you benefit from the opportunity to view all the different cameras up close. We offer various complete sets from this brand that guarantee the highest possible image quality:

We are happy to advise you on the various options, so that you can buy the Dahua camera set that perfectly suits your needs. Alarm system Expert has been the security expert for over 20 years!