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Hikvision Acusense IP camera

Would you like to go to or from your home with peace of mind? Then a Hikvision Acusense IP camera is ideal! This plug and play system is easy to install and can be connected with 1 to 128 cameras. This makes the Hikvision Acusense IP camera suitable for both private individuals and businesses. View the many options at Alarm SystemExpert and you can keep an eye on things in your home or business, anywhere and at any time!

Hikvision Acusense IP camera set

You benefit from Full HD quality with our Hikvision Acusense IP camera sets such as:

4 Megapixel

8 Megapixel

Which image resolution you need depends entirely on your situation. We recommend going above 15 meters for an 8 Megapixel because of the sharpness you need at this distance. Feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about this. The professionals of AlarmsysteemExpert are happy to provide you with expert information about the most suitable Hikvision Acusense IP camera set for you!

Hikvision Install Acusense IP Camera

Plug and play actually says it all. A Hikvision Acusense IP camera is very easy to install. Everything you need for good security is included in one set. The various sets that you purchase from Alarm SystemExpert contain:

  • HD recorder
  • HD camera
  • Software for smartphone and PC
  • Camera connection cable
  • LAN network cable
  • USB mouse
  • HDMI cable for monitor

After the installation of the package, we can schedule you in our agenda with your Order number via . My colleague from the Technical Service will then help you with programming.