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Increasing safety in and around your home or business in an innovative way; that is the mission of Hikvision. There is a suitable camera for every room and situation in the wide range of Alarm SystemExpert. You choose the best of the best with the Hikvision Darkfighter cameras. These can - even in very low light - create a color image. Would you like to know more about Hikvision video surveillance? Please feel free to contact our employees. They are ready for you with extensive advice!

Hikvision camera

If you are looking for a Hikvision camera for the surveillance of your company or home, then you have found the wide range of Alarm SystemExpert. You will find with us, among other things:

The cameras provide you with HD quality images that are stored in an HD recorder or computer. You benefit from various possibilities with a Hikvision camera, such as infrared and the zoom function. The first option is useful for shooting images in the dark as well. In the video below you can see how you could use different types of cameras at your company:

Hikvision range

At Alarmsysteemexpert you will find a very extensive Hikvision range. As a result, it can be difficult to make a choice; which cameras suit your company, home or situation best? To get an answer to that question, you can contact our employees, but you can also visit our showroom in Gorinchem. There you can not only view the different cameras from the Hikvision range , but you can also see how they work. This way you can be sure that you are making the right choice for your video surveillance!

Hikvision IP camera

You benefit from innovative functions with the Hikvision IP camera. For example, it is able to recognize faces and detect an intruder. Also, the camera can take a certain line and register it when it is crossed. Each camera has its own advantages; for example, the PTZ camera can rotate and the 360 degree camera can film a very large angle. Which Hikvision IP camera is best for you depends on the situation. With the more than 20 years of experience in security that the employees of Alarm SystemExpert have, you are always at the right place for advice!

Hikvision from Alarm System Expert

You protect your home or business optimally with the video surveillance of Hikvision from AlarmsysteemExpert. Make your choice from camera surveillance kits, cameras, recorders and monitors. If you wish, you can have the system installed by our technicians. Do you want to buy Hikvision video surveillance from Alarmsysteemexpert? We ensure fast delivery of your order!