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Thermal camera

If you want to quickly visualize the different temperatures in an environment, a thermal camera (also called thermal imager) is very suitable for this. The reflection of infrared light is used for this. Infrared light cannot be perceived by the human eye, but is perceived as heat on our skin. A thermal camera uses a filter so that it can measure the amount of infrared light and see it directly. Thermal imaging cameras can be used for a variety of applications, including night vision, fire detection or in building diagnostics, such as detecting insulation leaks.

Thermal camera Hikvision

Most Hikvision thermal cameras can accurately measure the temperature to a few degrees. Do you want an even more accurate measurement, for example for fever detection? Then it is better to opt for a special fever screening camera . This type of camera gives very accurate results thanks to the patented temperature algorithm. Moreover, with such a thermal camera from Hikvision you can measure the body temperature of dozens of people at the same time. With this you can easily and without inconvenience map people with elevations in large spaces.

Buy thermal camera

If you want to buy a first-class thermal camera, Alarm System Expert is the right place for you. In addition to a thermal dual lens for temperature measurement, our range also includes various accessories , such as tripods or a black box. In addition, we offer many more HD IP camera products, with which you can make high-quality surveillance images. Do you want to buy a thermal camera, but do you still have some questions? For expert advice you can always contact our customer service !