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DS-PWA96-KIT-WE | AxPro starter kit | 4G | LAN | Wi-Fi |


DS-PWA96-KIT-WE | AxPro starter kit | 4G | LAN | Wi-Fi |

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DS-PWA96-KIT-WE | AxPro starter kit | 4G | LAN | Wi-Fi |

Hikvision introduces the New AXPRO System:
Read below why you should choose Hikvision.

AXpro spearheads:

Pet Friendly
Wireless detectors up to 2000 meters
No monthly subscription costs
No maintenance contract
Full control with your smartphone
Receive notifications worldwide on your smartphone
Free updates


HUB 96 Channel x 1

Remote control x 1

Wireless PIR x 1

Wireless magnetic contact x 1

Ease of use:

The system is easy to install at home, you can even call it plug and play!
50% less installation time compared to the previous system.
A new sleek design that can be added to any living room.
There are 2 separate processors in the HUB, one especially for cameras and one especially for alarm devices.

This makes the hub faster and more reliable because it can process signals separately from each other.
Malfunctions are almost a thing of the past!

Anti Jamming + Certification:
The new system includes an advanced anti-jamming protocol completely rewritten for modern needs.
In addition, the system is EN Grade 2 certified!

Devices with ONVIF and IVAAS can be connected to the system.

All this is of course configurable via Hik-connect.
You can download the software below.

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