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Wi-Fi smart plug | Flow meter | Schuko type F | 10A


Wi-Fi smart plug | Flow meter | Schuko type F | 10A

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Product description

Wi-Fi smart plug | Flow meter | Schuko type F | 10A

Control all kinds of electrical devices remotely by simply connecting them to this wireless smart plug and connecting them to your smartphone or tablet via a Wi-Fi router. With the handy flow meter you can see at a glance exactly how much power the device is currently consuming, or how much power it has used up over time.

Easy to install
You don't have to have a technical talent or be an electrician to operate the connected devices and devices and make them work automatically. All you need is a smart plug and a Wi-Fi router. Our intuitive app offers you the possibility to switch devices on and off remotely and automatically. The system can even work in connection with voice control systems such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Super slim - no more blocked outlets
These very slim devices are designed to prevent the common problem of smart plugs blocking adjacent sockets - our plugs are both smart and slim for ease of use.

Plan and couple
Create schedules for turning on the plug on devices or linking them to others to create an atmosphere in a room that can be activated with a single command or by pressing a button.

Monitor power consumption
Identify devices that consume an excessive amount of power at a glance to ensure that you live in a smart and energy-efficient home.

About SmartLife
Discover a wide and continuously growing range of products, such as light bulbs, switches, sockets, sensors and cameras, all of which can be operated with an easy-to-use and intuitive app. With voice control functions supported by Amazon Alexa and Google Home, and nothing more than an existing Wi-Fi network, this makes the connected smart home simplified.
Whether you are looking for a single smart lamp or socket, or want your entire home

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