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    JA-111A base

    Service explanation for JA-111A base

    Wired outdoor siren

    This product is part of the JABLOTRON JA-100 alarm system. The siren provides a visible and audible alarm indication outdoors. Other additional sound indications are also possible. The siren contains a backup battery that takes over in the event of a power failure. The product is intended for installation by a trained technician with a valid Jablotron certificate. The product must be installed by a trained technician with a valid Jablotron certificate.

    The siren is mounted on a vertical wall, with the strobe pointing down. Avoid mounting near gutters and in places where there is a risk of ice formation.

    Figure: 1 – electro-acoustic transducer; 2 – second electro-acoustic transducer; 3 – NiCd battery; 4 – opening for supply cables; 5 – plate of electronics siren; 6 – liquid vial; 7 – holes for mounting siren on the wall; 8 – siren cap screw; 9 – cable with buckle for locking the central cover (by pressing the plunge clamp can be easily disconnected)

    Figure: 10 – BUS terminals; 11 – key for learning; 12 – tamper sensors; 13 – serial number; 14 – high voltage transformer; 15 – very sharp flash signal lights; 16 – yellow signal light of malfunction; 17 – battery connection; 18 – connection electro-acoustic transducer (attention, high voltage)

    1. Open the outer cover of the siren (screw 8 down)
    2. Pull the bus cable through hole 4 in the rear part of the siren
    3. Screw the siren to the chosen location with mounting holes 7 (2 screws), the integrated vial 6 can be used to determine the accurate vertical position of the siren

    Before connecting the BUS, the system must be disconnected from the power supply.

    4. Connect the bus cable to the terminals (10).
    5. Plug the spare battery into the connector (17).
    6. Follow the instructions for installing the control panel. Basic Steps:
    a. After switching on, the yellow signal light (16) flashes because the siren has not been assigned to the system.
    b. Select the desired position in the F-Link program on the Peripherals card and start the learning mode with the Read button.
    c. Press the push button in the siren (11) - it will learn and the yellow light will go out.
    7. Reinstall the siren cover.
    Set properties
    This is done by the F-Link program – Card Peripherals. By position of the siren Select internal setting. A dialog appears, allowing settings to be made: (* indicates the factory setting)
    Section: This determines which sections the siren will operate for and may also signal entry/exit delay and arming. The sound signal is set for all sections from the factory.*
    Reaction: This determines whether the siren will sound on signal EW* (warning outside) or IW (warning inside). The alarm sound can also be turned off completely (other functions are retained).
    Siren wails: with interruptions*, without interruptions
    Lowing duration limitation: 1, 2, 3*,4, 5 minutes.
    Louder sound: YES / NO* - this only affects entry/exit delay signaling and the sounds on contact of PG outputs.
    Beep on section operation: YES / NO* - if enabled, the siren beeps 1x on arming, 2x on disarming and 3x on disarming after an alarm. Only for the set sections.
    Flashing 30 minutes after alarm: YES / NO* the extended flashing (flashing) can be stopped by re-arming the system or by canceling alarm indication in the system (from the keypad).
    Flash every 60 seconds: YES / NO* optional indication of operation.

    Sound of PG outputs:
    A sound signal can be set for each PG output:
    Sound 1 - slow beeping 1 x per second (as long as the PG is on)
    Sound 2 – rapid beep 2 x per second (as long as the PG is on)
    Sound 3 - 1x beep when switching on the PG, 2x when switching off the PG
    Sound 4 - long beep sound for 20 sec when turning on PG

    Siren Operation Priorities:
    The highest priority is for the siren to sound, the lower priority is for the beeping on operation, the lowest is the activity of the PG outputs (PG1 higher than PG2, etc.). The higher priority sound always ends the lower priority sound.
    Connection to the exchange is lost
    If the supply cable is broken, the siren will sound and flash for 3 minutes (this does not happen when the system is in service).
    Technical parameters
    Power supply from the BUS of the control panel 12 V (9...15 V)
    Current consumption at stand-by (rest) 5 mA
    Current consumption for choice of cable 50 mA
    Backup battery NiCd pack 4.8 V / 1800 mAh
    lifespan approx. 3 roky
    Piezoelectric siren 110 dB/m (with fully charged battery)
    Dimensions 200 x 300 x 70mm
    Classification grade 2
    in accordance with CSN EN 50131-1, CSN EN 50131-4
    Environmental class IV outdoors, generally -25 to +60°C
    Degree of protection IP34D
    Also complies with CSN EN 50130-4, CSN EN 55022, CSN EN 60950-1

    Product JA-111A is designed and manufactured in accordance with the applicable provisions: Government Decree No. 17/2003 Coll. and 616/2006 Sb., if used as intended. Original declaration of conformity can be found on in the advice section.

    Note: Although this product does not contain any harmful materials, do not dispose of it with household waste, but hand it in at the collection point designated for electronic waste.


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