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    Smart socket | wireless plug |

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    Product description


    Wireless smart plug with energy monitor

    1. Turn devices on/off via the app
    2. Monitors electricity consumption
    3. Protects devices against overload and short circuit

    Everything will be ready by the time you get home

    You come home at a pleasant temperature and in a cozy atmosphere, all year long. Turn on your heating in the winter and the air conditioning in the summer. Turn on your air freshener and turn on warm water for your bath. With just a few taps in the app while on the way home.

    Don't wonder if the iron is still on

    When you leave the house, close the door and arm the system. All major energy consumers and dangerous appliances are automatically switched off: the hot water boiler, TV and computer continue to work for a reason and your energy bill no longer goes up for nothing.

    A boost in comfort and convenience

    No more hassle, no more worries. Socket turns on the kettle and restarts the router without getting out of the seat. Activate night mode in the evening. As if by magic, the lights in the house go out and appliances are turned off.

    Doesn't block the outlets next to it

    We've made Socket as compact and versatile as possible. It is compatible with sockets, extensions and popular power strips from the EU. At the same time, it does not block the sockets next to it.

    1. Suitable for connecting all household appliances
    2. Compatible with EU type F . sockets

    Identifies energy guzzlers

    Sockets tells you which devices use the most power. As soon as a device starts to consume power, Socket's LED changes color in real time.
    1. Socket consumes less than 1W in standby mode


    Ensures the longest communication range of all smart plugs

    Socket can do more than other regular WiFi plugs. The device uses long-range Jeweler radio technology to ensure stable communication in large homes and offices.
    1. 2.5 kW . resistive load
    2. Turns off at a temperature of +85°C

    Protects curious fingers

    Special seals inside the Socket protect children and prevent them from inserting screwdrivers, pencils or nails. They also protect against dust and splashes.

    Meets electrical safety standards

    Socket meets the standards for electrical appliances and ensures your safety. Each smart plug is tested for the quality of the materials, the effect of high temperatures and the ability to operate under power for long periods.

    Ajax socket:

    Ajax Socket, a smart plug that does not need to be installed – just a few seconds are needed to connect to the hub and the socket is ready to use. The Ajax Socket can manage the power supply of a connected device. Manually or using a script.

    With this Ajax Socket you can switch on and off electrical devices such as garden lighting or shock lamp. This switching on and off can also be done by creating a scenario. For example, if the alarm goes off that the garden lighting is switched on via this Socket

    LED indicator:
    The Ajax Socket is equipped with an LED indicator that shows the amount of energy consumed by the device. The closer to the purple color, the higher the electricity bill.

    If the load is more than 3 kW (purple), the protection is activated.

    AJAX Hub:
    The Socket only works with the AJAX Hub. Connection to ocBridge and uartBridge integration modules is not supported.


    • Maximum load: 13
    • Power consumption monitoring: Yes
    • Communication protocol: Jeweler (868.0-868.6MHz)
    • Standby power consumption: Less than 1 W
    • Plug type: Schuko
    • Dimensions: 65.5 45 х 45 mm (with plug)



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