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Alarm system for catering business

If you are busy in your catering business, it is not always easy to keep an eye on everything. This way, customers can sometimes walk away without paying. In addition, there are also cases of burglary during closing time or perhaps even a fire. You can prevent this by using an alarm system that perfectly matches your catering business.

See everything with IP cameras

You probably know them, the customers who eat well and then leave as soon as possible without paying. This is of course very annoying for you and sometimes difficult to prevent. Of course you don't have an all-seeing eye. By using Hikvision IP camera surveillance you can have an overview of your catering business at all times. You can see everything with IP cameras in your catering business and catch any dine and dashers! Did you miss it, but look back on the camera images? Then you can also use the images to track down the perpetrators!

Scare off burglars with an alarm system

There are always burglars lurking, unfortunately this can not always be prevented. Using an alarm system can quickly deter burglars. Many burglars will quickly leave when they see that cameras are present. For example, you can use a dummy camera and a number of security stickers. Do you prefer real security? Then choose, for example, the MotionCam Outdoor . This not only detects the movement around your catering business, but you can also see who the suspicious person is via the camera. You can easily reach burglars with an alarm system with a motion detector and a siren . Once it goes off, you won't see those burglars again!

Fire safety is paramount!

As a catering business it is extra important to pay attention to fire safety. Especially if you have a large kitchen or appliances that give off a lot of heat, it is important to use a good fire detector, such as the Ajax Fireprotect PLUS . This fire detector not only gives an alarm in case of smoke, but also when there is a temperature rise. This way you can be quick and prevent the fire from spreading in your catering business.

What can Alarm System Expert do for you?

  • Quality is our top priority, so we are a VEB recognized security company . In this way we ensure that our knowledge is always up to date and that you receive the best service and products!
  • Technical terms and complicated installations? Not necessary at Alarm System Expert! For example, at Alarm System Expert you can hand over the installation and maintenance to our expert installers. This way you benefit from a high quality alarm system that is well installed without any effort!
  • You can also contact us for free advice for your catering business. Please contact us and we will help you find the perfect alarm system for your catering business!