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CMVXI-R All-in-one Outdoor alarm


Product description

Mobeye CMVXI-R All-in-one Outdoor alarm


Reliable site monitoring, flexible use

The Mobeye Outdoor alarm can be used flexibly and is ideally suited for outdoor areas and places where other motion detectors are sensitive to false alarms. With the Mobeye outdoor detector, intruders are caught at an early stage. For construction sites, industrial sites, the driveway, the garden, farms, drafty halls, etc.

The Mobeye Outdoor alarm detector is ideal if you do not have a power supply. The outdoor detector works on a set of batteries for at least 1 year. The built-in GSM module, motion detector protect every place against danger. On your property, driveway, shed, building site or in the garden. The all-in-one alarm system can be used anywhere immediately. Without installation work or complicated programming.

The batteries have a long life. With a daily test report, the batteries last over a year. This is longer with a lower frequency or without a test message. As soon as the batteries need to be replaced, you will receive a 'battery low' SMS.

Detection and alarm with the Mobeye Outdoor Alarm is simple and reliable. There are two sensors in the detector. These work independently of each other. An alarm is generated only when both sensors detect motion simultaneously. If the alarm is not silenced within the entry delay time, the pre-programmed numbers receive an SMS alarm message followed by a telephone call (max. 5 numbers).

And to determine the correct provider for your SIM card, you can receive the strength of all available GSM providers in the area by SMS. This allows you to make a correct choice of the SIM card in your device.

The two internal PIR sensors independently analyze the detected movement to exclude a false alarm. As a result, small animals are not detected. The motion detector is equipped with a digital SMDA signal recognition. Super Multi-Dimensional Analysis provides high immunity against disturbance sources such as weather influences and moving leaves.

- Optex Infinity series VXI-R
- integrated Mobeye GSM detector
- integrated tag reader (i-button)
- 12 * 12 meter sighting (adjustable from 2.5 meter in 5 steps)
- adjustable angle (90 degrees or less)
- silent alarm via SMS / call, if necessary. e-mail
- alarm to a maximum of 5 contacts
- switching on and off via tag or via set time schedules
- batteries: 2 * CR123 included (for 1 year life under normal use)
- 2 tags included (already taught-in)
- larger battery pack possible
- option: Mobeye Internet Portal
- also available with other Optex sensors from the Infinity series

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