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HDW3449HP-AS-PV | 4MP | TiOC | Eyeball | Full Color |

299,00 249,00
This camera has a 24/7 color image and it also has a deterrent functionality, by emitting a siren and a red-blue flashing light. It also has intelligent functions so that you have fewer false reports!

HDW3449HP-AS-PV | 4MP | TiOC | Eyeball | Full Color |

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299,00 249,00
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Product description

HDW3449HP-AS-PV | 4MP | TiOC | Eyeball | Full Color |

TiOC stands for the 3 in 1 camera that integrates 24/7 full - color monitoring, active deterrence and AI in one smart and innovative solution. TiOC can accurately identify potential risks and effectively warn intruders, effectively protecting property security.

TiOC provides an accurate alarm function by accurately targeting people and vehicles, while filtering out non-target objects (such as animals, leaves and car headlights). In addition to keeping the false alarm rate below 2%, the powerful AI algorithms also deliver faster, more accurate motion detection with longer range.

Key features:

4MP resolution

Full-Color Starlight for 24/7 color image

WizSense AI Algorithm

Red and Blue alarm light

Audio alarm up to 110dB, own sound recordings can also be applied

Real-time notifications via alarm verification app

2-way speech

Easy on and off via the DMSS app

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